The Kind Display Co. was founded on two questions: Why is good-looking, compliant packaging so hard to find and how can we use our combined experience to help this budding industry?


Two Little Glass Jars

In July 2018, the Colorado MED regulations changed. Again. Local MIPs were required to hide, we mean package, their cannabis concentrates in opaque, child-resistant jars. While a seemingly simple update to non-industry folks, this shook the manufacturers as virtually no packaging supplier was offering what these companies were after. So, we introduced the 5ml & 9ml glass jars.

Who knew two little glass jars would push us to do such awesome things?

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More Than Just Our Products

Yea, sure, The Kind Display Co. carries a thoughtful line of industry-compliant, child-resistant products, but we’re also very proud of our services. By combining decades-long experience in product development and quality assurance, The Kind Display Co. team provides the design and compliance expertise cannabis industry customers need to stay compliant and ahead of the curve.


We know there is a growing waste issue in our industry, but more importantly - what are we going to do about it?

To start, we work factory direct and carefully select vendors that are in compliance with environmental standards. If our glass doesn’t meet our quality standards during production, it is melted down and reused, never wasted. We know this because we’ve witnessed it.

Does your current supplier truly know where their products come from?

Furthermore, we are actively sourcing eco-friendly products that are not just marketing gimmicks. This requires tons of R&D and third party testing, but we’re on the verge of something really great.

Stay tuned.

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