there’s something about good packaging. 

There’s something about good packaging. 

You know that feeling of walking through a store and you pass by that piece of packaging, the one that makes you stop, look back, and blush thinking, “who me? Yeah you caught my eye.” That’s what we live for.


These are the best inspiration moments, the kind that spark your passion and get you daydreaming. And that good good packaging is what inspires us. Especially when the aesthetic perfectly represents the DNA of the brand. Our peers have some pretty cool stuff out there; here are a few of our favorites:



This California based brand is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range (of course). Their vision is to “change the conversation around cannabis by promoting the positive and healthy lifestyle of responsible consumers.” They have an airy, compassionate vibe to their brand, and their packaging speaks perfectly to that. It creates this feeling of being in a beautiful Spanish home, walking out into the fresh air, sitting in a sunny courtyard, lighting up a joint. Plus, they’re a socially responsible brand that donates a healthy meal to a food-insecure individual or family for every purchase of their product. They provide some great info about this cause here.



dosist takes a very scientific approach to cannabis. They refer to their product as “cannabis-based medicines” that provide functional benefits such as sleep aid, pain relief, euphoria, energy, and relaxation. Their approach is precise yet simple, focusing on providing health benefits that will lead to happiness. Their aesthetic is clean, minimal, and straightforward; and in a way has a very clinical feel to it, but in the most perfect way. Bonus points! Their packaging is recyclable, and so is their product. You should read more about it here.




Their packaging has a very affluent roaring twenties, Great Gatsby vibe. Which totally makes sense given they’ve been referred to as “the Hermès of Marijuana”. And they just recently announced a collab with Barnys! Their product offerings consist of ice water hash micro-dosed pastilles (sounds fancy, huh?) along with beautifully engraved rose gold vape pens. They only use 100% organic plants and their serving size has a conversion for how many dinner parties their vape pens will last for (why not!). But in all honesty, their packaging and product is beautiful, you should really take a look here.



Okay, how could we not mention PAX? One of the first cannabis brands to introduce elevated packaging for all those sophisticated stoners out there. PAX is really a tech company first, cannabis company second. Their vape pens include what they call “a powerful oven” that heats concentrate or dry herbs to several different temperature settings. They also have an app! You can set your temperature controls and customize your smoking experience – and of course receive device updates - all through the PAX app. It’s like a smart vape, and the packaging reflects that. Picture the iPhone packaging; now picture that with an image of the PAX pen on the front. The PAX packaging as that same super simple, clean, and intuitive aesthetic. The product and all accessories are placed meticulously in a tray that slides out from the cover. It’s kind of the perfect combination of tech and herb..



This packaging is perfectly preppy; it has a very Hampton’s beach house, Tory Burch look to it. Their signature orange box is bright and cheery while the gold printing alludes to luxury and quality. They are known for their premium flower, which is grown in a customized environment catered to a certain strain to create a specific effect. Each strain has a specific profile that pairs with all aspects of one’s lifestyle. Plus they’ve partnered with eaze to deliver eights in SF.



Each of these brands has their very own, distinct personality that you immediately pick up on when you look at their packaging. And that’s what makes it so good! And we love that.



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