creative reuse

This is the hip new term for upcycling, and we like it. Here at KDCo, we prioritize sustainability within our business practices and are constantly thinking of ways we can do more. You know those cute little jars that started it all? Well, once you finish using your product, you can upcycle the jars to be used around your home or office. After all, Sustainability is the new black. And we’ve got some ideas for ya!


1. The perfect little vase

It always seems to be struggle to find a cute little vase around the house. What happened to the one my friend gave me? Shit, did I re-gift that? I guess I could use a mason jar, but it’s really too big. Our 4 oz. glass jar is the perfect, little vase for a small bouquet of flowers or a succulent. It’s simple. It’s chic, and it goes with everything in your house. Feel free to throw some herbs from the garden in there too!



2. Spice holder

As you can imagine, we’re big fans of everything around us looking nice and put together. We’re kind of control freaks, I guess. And yes, that includes the spice cabinet. Somehow cooking feels better when you have pretty, little spice holders sitting out on the counter. The 9 ml glass jar holds just enough spices- whether it’s a powder like turmeric, or something bigger like lavender. Plus you can stack them up in your cabinet to fit more and keep it organized. Also perfect to take on the go!



3. Travel sized lotion container

As you know, we call Colorado home. And as much as we love it, it can get super dry here. So we always have lotion on hand to re-up through out the day. The 9 ml jar holds enough lotion to get us through the week plus it’s small enough to travel with. And with the CR lid, we never have to worry about lotion leaking out when we throw it in our bags. This jar is also perfect for anything homemade. Eye cream, face cream, body cream- whatever your little heart desires.



4. Organize all those little office supplies

Who doesn’t love some rose gold on their desk at work? It creates the feeling of being in that corner office when in reality you’re sitting in your little cube. We love our rose gold metal tin for all of our miscellaneous little office supplies. That pile of rubber bands on your desk? The dangerous collection of pushpins in your drawer? Throw those in the metal tin, pop the top on, and you’ve got a good-looking desk.


We love to get creative with our jars and marketing layers, and these are just a few ways to re-use them. Plus, we feel much better knowing our awesome containers are getting upcycled and put to good use. Hit us up on the ‘gram to show us how you’re using your KDCo containers and we’ll spread the love!

Caley Jones