Women run the world, right? We think so, and we’d like to highlight women who are making an impact in the cannabis industry through our #girlgang series.


There are so many amazing women working in this industry and contributing to the growth and evolution. However as the industry continues to grow and become more mainstream, women and small businesses are starting to get pushed out. Three women provide their perspective on this, as well as their thoughts on the industry as a whole.



Founder, CEO, and author are just a few of the roles Ashley can add to her resume. She started Point Seven Group, a global management-consulting firm that provides their clients “pre-application, to operations, compliance, expansion and exit” services. She also co-authored the book Breaking the Grass Ceiling, a biographical collection featuring women whose work has “helped shape the cannabis industry as it exists now, they have opened a door through which other women can follow and continue to build the industry into one with no ceiling at all.”


She feels that cannabis is “the industry for women” due to the nature of the product and the benefits it can provide. And many women have seen the opportunity within this industry even though it is somewhat vague and there’s a stigma around it. However, as the industry continues to grow and the stigma falls away, big money is starting to see the opportunity and get in the game.



Lisa started the Cannabis Marketing Association, a company that aims “to bring a positive perception to, and authentic understanding of, cannabis and its consumers around the world.” They work with their clients to provide best practices to help better understand and navigate the cannabis industry.


Lisa is relentless, she’s worked super hard and has a successful company in an industry that she’s passionate about. Although she’s concerned that big corporations will soon dominate the industry and women will get pushed out. In order to maintain the current environment of the industry, Lisa encourages “women to step into leadership positions, it’s the only way to change the behavior.”



Shae is quirky and super creative, she founded DRAM a homemade bitters turned CBD company. She believes that cannabis is a “farm to table kind of industry” and really focuses on creating a high quality product made of natural, plant-based ingredients. She offers adaptogenic plus CBD tincture drops and sparkling water, along with herbal sparkling water and of course bitters. And not only does Shae offer an amazing product but her aesthetic and packaging is just dreamy (she also has a super cute airbnb just outside of Salida).


Shae doesn’t take any shit and she’s put her soul into her brand and her product. She works super hard but says “ there are a lot of sharks in the water right now.” But she does the dirty work to continue to grow and believes women have the staying power in the cannabis industry.


These women are inspiring, they’re entrepreneurs who run successful businesses in a rapidly growing industry. And they are helping to guide and provide their insight to other women looking to get involved. One that is not easy to get into, especially as big corporations begin to trickle in. But, as these women say, with tenacity and spunk women will continue to be a driving force and allow others to find their place in the industry as well. 

Caley Jones